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Jenny Gringer Art

Hi!  My name is Jenny and I am a printmaker.  My style is raw and expressive, a combination of personal taste and impatience. 

For up-to-date work, please follow me on Instagram @JGRINGER.  If you see something you would like to purchase that is not listed in my store, feel free to email me anytime at

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"Printmaking is fun because it takes a perfectly simple process like drawing and makes it as complicated and error prone as possible."

George Bodmer

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Jenny is a self-taught linocut printmaker based in Iowa City, Iowa. Her work explores political themes, the human condition, and resiliency.  Over the years, her work has shifted from weird animals, and street art, to focusing more on text-based work. She enjoys highlighting writers, poets, and fragmented ideas. Jenny endeavors to bring a degree of lawlessness, subversiveness, heart, and enthusiasm to her art and life. 

When not engaged in the practice of making art/working/parenting, Jenny enjoys teaching printmaking at Public Space One in Iowa City and is learning to make her own clothes, with mixed results. 

Her work draws inspiration from Lynda Barry, George Orwell, Amos Paul Kennedy Jr., and interesting reading.

Artist Statement:

My work begins with a thought or phrase or poem.  I type it into Word, flip it, print it out, scribble on the back of the paper to transfer the text onto the block (Inovart Eco Karve is my favorite). I tend to rough it out in one session, carving quickly to blaring music. My subject matter reveals my tensions and anxiety about the world around me and seeks ideas that provide hope, explore justice, meaning, and purpose in the maelstrom of the moment. Through my professional and artistic work, I try to understand resilience and hope in impossible circumstances.  Studying how people survive, cope, maintain their values and individuality, find beauty and joy in darkness, is both fascinating to me and the core of my work.

Exhibits, Shows, and Publications:

"Random Generator," March 4-12, 2022, Public Space One, Iowa City, Iowa.

“Artist of the Month,” Nov 5-28, 2021, Two Fish Gallery, Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin.

“Evidence of Joy (March),” Oct 8, 2021, Public Space One, Iowa City, Iowa.

“And We Survived,” July 26-Aug 29, 2021, Press Coffee, 1120 N. Dodge, Iowa City, Iowa

“Osmotic Radiance,” Mar 5-13, 2021, Iowa City, Iowa.

“Stanley Museum of Art First Friday: Women's March," Mar 6, 2020, Iowa City, Iowa.

"Stanley Museum of Art First Friday: Art Caucus," Feb 7, 2020, Iowa City, Iowa.  

"Material Oracle," Public Space One, Feb 7-15, 2020, Iowa City, Iowa.  

"Jenny Gringer Selected Works, " Honeybee Hair Parlor, Feb 4-Mar 24, 2020, Iowa City, Iowa.  

"To Be Of Use: Reactions, Reflections, and Purpose. Selected works from 2016-present," Jan 17-31, 2020, Public Space One, Iowa City, Iowa, solo show.

“41st Annual Staff Art Show,” Aug 3-29, 2019, University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics, Iowa City, Iowa.

“Open After Refrigeration, a How-To Guide to the Polar Vortex,”  group show, Gallery Walk, Jun 7, 2019, rsvp, Iowa City, Iowa.

"Sweet 16!" Jan 18-26, 2019, Public Space One, Iowa City, Iowa, 

"Employee of the Month: Gilded Warriors," Gallery Walk, Oct 5-31, 2018, the Maker's Loft, Iowa City, Iowa.

”The 40th Annual Staff Art Show,” University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics, Iowa City, IA,  Aug 1-31, 2018.

High Ground Cafe in Iowa City Aug-Nov 2018.

”For the Birds,” Blick, Iowa City, IA, Jun 1-3, 2018.

“Birds of a Feather,” Gallery M, La Crescent, MN, Apr 27-28, 2018.

"Boiled, Baked, & Brewed," February-Mar 2018, Figge Art Museum, Davenport, IA.

“Near Dear Future,” Jan 19-27, 2018, Public Space One, Iowa City Iowa.

“Building a Peaceable Community: Ambiguity of Guns,” Jan 13-Feb 14th, 2018, New Orleans Art Center, NOLA. 

Solos show, Gallery Walk, Oct 13th, 2017, rsvp, 140 North Linn Street, Iowa City, Iowa

"Awagami International Miniature Print Exhibition 2017," Oct 7-29, 2017, Yoshinogawa City, Tokushima, Japan.

"Horizon," Aug 21-Sep 29, 2017, Grinnell Art Center, Grinnell, IA.

"Adventures in Poor Form," Aug 3-Sep 3, 2017, CSPS Hall, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, solo show.

"Bee's Knees," Jun 23- Sep 10, 2017, Two Fish Gallery, Elkhart Lake, WI.

"Personal Iconography," Apr 21-Jun 20, 2017, Two Fish Gallery, Elkhart Lake, WI.

"Madison Print and Resist," Mar 25th, 2017, 11:00am-4:30pm, Madison Central Library, Madison, WI.  

"Near Future," Jan 20-Mar 3, 2017, Public Space One, Iowa City, IA, cumulative exhibit.

"Art on the Fly: Election Ramifications," Jan 13-22, 2017, Hairpin Arts Center, Chicago, IL.

"Awkward Portal," Nov 3-18, 2016, Public Space One, Iowa City, IA.

"Americana," Jun 29-Jul 31, 2016, Viaduct Gallery, Des Moines, IA.

"Altered States," Apr 22 - Jun 5, 2016, Two Fish Gallery, Elkhart Lake, WI.

"XXX Books Books Books XXX," Jan 29 - Feb 17, 2016, Design on Main, Ames, IA.

"Margins of the Multiple," Nov 13-Dec 12, 2015, Public Space One, Iowa City, IA.

"Beings & Water," October 2014-Jan 2015, Douglas & Linda Paul Gallery, Iowa City, IA. 



Driftward Press, Issue 7, Aug 2015, Featured Artist

Cloth, Paper, Scissors: Pages 2012, page 141, Art Journaling


Nov 2018, "2018 Give Guide," Linocut Cover for Little Village Holiday Shopping Guide, Iowa City, IA.

Feb 2017, Linocut sign, "All are welcome, no exceptions," for Healing Within Accupuncture, Stillwater, MN.

Jun 2016, Camp Masala, linocut design for use on camp marketing material.

May 2016, "Down the Rabbit Hole," cover art for a book by Craig Hart.

Apr 2016, Outpost Natural Foods 46th Anniversary, developed a linocut featured on marketing material.



Follow me on Instagram @ jgringer

Feel free to contact me anytime at:  I would love to hear from you!  

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